Affordable DJ for Christmas and NYE in Kent

Ok, so you have everything booked and ready to go. Invitations are out and the catering and location are sorted. So what’s happening with the music?

Oh, you forgot about the music….that is ok though, isn’t it? You can hire a band, can’t you? Let’s just look at the money that’s left in the pot for the band….surely you can find a band to perform for about £100? You call up some acts and realise that actually that this isn’t possible. “I know”, you think. “What about a DJ?”…. “How much?” I hear you cry. All they have to do is put on a few tracks. It isn’t as if they even have to spin records anymore! We could do that…..

We have a solution here. Small to medium sized PA and Lighting equipment that is delivered and collected from £90.

  • Pair of speakers with speaker stands (200 watts)
  • Dual CD player & mixing console
  • Pair of lighting effects which work to the beat of the music

All you need to do is collect the system and provide the ipod!

Yes, it is that easy!

These systems are ideal for ipod parties and New Years eve get-togethers where you don’t want to spend a fortune on  DJ hire. We even supply the cables!

Contact us here or call 08718901015 for further information.

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