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Wedding or Party band hire?

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

The difference between both wedding and party bands is so small that they are really one and the same thing.

If you are getting married and wish to hire a band, then I would certainly plump for an act that has wedding  experience peforming. There are certain things that the wedding band is used to dealing with, and should always have an understanding about. For example, the use of microphones for speeches, setting up whilst the wedding party are eating (quietly), playing first dances and over-running of times are all things that the experienced wedding band understands and appreciates.

All of our wedding and party bands are professional with many years performance experience, and conduct themselves appropriately on and off stage. That way, you as the client can be assured that the music and entertainment that you book for your wedding will be remebered by you and your guests for all the right reasons. Please contact us for further advice on hiring or booking wedding or party bands for your event.

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Funky funk band hire

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Being one of the leading suppliers of live funk party bands in the UK,  we have several funk bands to hire for your wedding, party or corporate function.

Please do email us for our roster, and we can send you all the information you need regarding pricing and availability.

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Vintage band hire

Monday, August 30th, 2010

If you are planning a vintage themed wedding and looking to book a band, we have some great band hire options.
It is becoming increasingly popular to have a live band to complement your vintage event. Here at The Morris Agency we have lots of acts that play music from a specific era and a specific genre of music from that period. We have 1950s rock and roll acts and 1920s jazz bands to hire, and these are increasing in popularity all the time. Feel free to email us for examples and available bands at

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Mexican Band Hire Offers

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

We have some great special offers on latin bands at the moment. So if you are looking for an affordable Spanish wedding band or a Mexican wedding band then we can help you.
Email me (Daniel) at or contact our sales team on 0871 8901015

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affordable band hire

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

If you are looking for an affordable band to hire or if you are looking for a last minute band to book then we have some great offers for you. Contact us on our out-of-hours number: 07776 202708

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Office Party Band Hire UK

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Looking to book a band for your office party? We can supply music and entertainment for your office party. Call us now on 0871 8901015 or email us at

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band hire

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

We have loads of new band hire options for you added to the band hire section. Check out all the new artists in our hire a band section.

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Band hire on a budget

Sunday, August 1st, 2010
affordable band hire

How to hire an affordable band

We are all on a budget, it doesn’t matter who you are, if a corporate company wants to hire a band for a party or business awards they have a budget. It might not be the same budget that you might allocate if you are looking to book a band for a wedding or hire a band for a party, but, a budget none the less.

This is why we always have a wide selection of bands and live acts to suit every pocket.

You may think that you don’t have the budget even for a soloist, but you would be suprised at what we can supply and just how affordable band hire can be.

Everything in life is negotiable and hiring a band is no exception. Our agents are able to get you the best deals with the artists to fit in with your needs.

Okay, I hear you cry, how much does it cost to hire a band? Well, this depends on so many factors : day of the week, location of the artist, amount of people in the band etc etc

But one thing is for sure, you will always get a fair deal with The Morris Agency. Our prices are transparent and we are always happy to break down the costs so you can see exactly what you are paying and why.

To find out more, email me at or have a look at our site or give me a call 0871 8901015

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How to Hire a Band

Friday, July 30th, 2010

How do you hire a band in the UK?

There are various options but I would certainly read our FAQ section on How to Hire a Band.

How much does a band cost?

There are many factors that determine the price of a band. When you approach acts directly, their fees can vary enormously. The reason for this can be based on all or some of the following factors:

  1. The size of the band; the more people in the band, the higher the fee generally.
  2. The demand for the band. If an act is in high demand and has been performing for many years, this would be reflected in their fee and also in the performance quality.
  3. The location of the band. If the band is based either far away from the venue, or even has to travel from a performance the night before, this can also impact on the overall price as it may need to include the cost of mileage and accommodation.
  4. The undefineable variable. Sometimes bands charge on the basis of the kind of event, or what they feel they can get for that performance. This is not acceptable in our opinion and is never an issue for us, as we know what the bands would normally charge.

When you find an act on the website that you are interested in, we will happily give you a quote and then we can start the negotiations for you to get you the best price.

Are they all professional bands?

All the bands we represent are professional acts and have been performing at high profile events, corporate functions, weddings and parties for many years. In order to be represented by The Morris Agency they have to reach a certain standard.

We are very strict on our submission procedure, and are confident that all of our acts understand the on/offstage rules. This means that as well as conducting themselves well musically on stage, they are also approachable, polite and maintain a professional image when not performing.

How long does a band play for?

Usually a band can play either 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 45 mins sets. Most of the time this is sufficient. Some can play longer for an agreed fee. We would be happy to discuss this.

Can we have a band that plays background music during the dinner/reception?

Many of our musicians can provide a cut down version of the band for an afternoon background jazz or pop set, either as a solo pianist, solo guitarist or a duo for example. If your chosen act doesn’t do this then we can provide you with an alternative.

What kind of band do you recommend for a wedding?

Generally speaking, many people book a band for a wedding that has a good variety of music to appeal to all ages. We have these kinds of bands based all around the country, so, one of our Morris Agency party bands or Morris Agency jazz bands would be worth consideration. We can cater for a variety of themed weddings, as well as civil partnerships.

Some clients have a limited budget, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t provide you an amazing and memorable performer. This is where our trained agents come in to assist you.

What kind of band do you recommend for a corporate function?

A corporate function can be different to a wedding/ party function. At The Morris Agency we have provided numerous acts to the corporate sector such as entertainment for gala dinners, film premieres and product launches. We can fit around the theme of the evening and provide you with a variety of eclectic and dynamic acts that will create a lasting impression.

You tell us what you want and we will provide it. We have a wide range of artists from Mexican Mariachi bands, Klezma bands, Tango Bands and Gypsy Jazz musicians to party and jazz bands.

If you want to hire famous artists we also have great connections with many music industry managers and agents and can provide you quotes for celebrity performances.

Where are your bands based?

As we are a national agency, our acts are based all across the country. As the bands are constantly travelling around the UK, they are able to travel to your location and can sometimes work out more economical if they are playing near your event the night before. We are also able to provide you bands and acts that are based in your area which can help to keep the price down.

How can I see a band play before I book?

We all lead busy lives and understand that it is sometimes not possible for you to attend one of our bands’ public performances. The Morris Agency have launched a solution to viewing the acts without having to travel to see them. On our site we have video clips of the artists performing live.

If the act of your choice is out of the area or busy with private functions, this is a great way of seeing and hearing exactly what you will get when you book them.

How do I secure a booking?

Our policy is to contract every booking. Therefore, when you decide to book a band we will send you a booking form and use this to put a contract together. This contract agrees the terms that we have negotiated with you and the artist, which we sign as the booking agent and you sign as the client.

At this point we take a small deposit of 20% and your booking is then secure.

We send a separate contract to the artist to commit them to the agreed dates, fees and other details.

Why use The Morris Agency?

We have been operating in this industry for many years and we have built up a great working relationship with the bands that we book.

Our constant research of the industry means that you can rest assured that we have found the artists and put them in one place for you to find. We have very high standards for the bands to get onto our books and only accept a very small percentage of the acts who approach us.

As an agency, we want to make your using us is worth your while. In order to ensure this we provide you with:

  1. An easy to navigate website that has as many multimedia features as possible to enable you to choose and review acts of your choice
  2. Great product knowledge of the bands and services on offer
  3. The ability to negotiate fees for bands on your behalf to get you the best deal
  4. Industry standard contracts and invoices to give you peace of mind
  5. Outstanding aftersales service
  6. Liaising with you and the band about your needs and expectations
  7. After sales feedback so we can help to improve our service to others

What kind of acts do you provide?

We can provide any genre of music, even if it isn’t on our list we have a very large bank of artists that we can call on to provide you with exactly what you need, so please let us know and we will do all we can.

Our most popular requests are:

Jazz Jive and Swing bands, Rock & Pop Wedding Bands,Wedding Tribute Bands,Wedding Jazz Bands,Wedding Soul Bands,Wedding Swing Bands,Wedding 70s Funk Bands,Wedding Salsa Bands,Tango bands, Latin bands, Spanish and Flamenco bands,Classical Wedding Musicians,Unusual Wedding Music ,Wedding Singers, Klezmer and world music bands,Famous bands and celebrity bands, bag pipers, harpists,Duos & Trios,Wedding String Quartets, Gypsy Jazz Music ,Wedding Harpists ,Wedding Pianists ,Wedding Singers & Choirs, Wedding Ceilidh Bands

How can I find a cheap live band?

Everyone is on a budget and there are loads of ways to keep the cost of live entertainment down. Visit our article

Can we see a list of songs that they will play?

On each band profile we have a file that can be downloaded or provided to you on request for all the songs a band plays.

Will they learn songs that are not on their playlist?

Many bands will learn a song for you if they have the time to rehearse it and do it justice. Some artists already know these songs but haven’t played them on their set for a while, so please ask.

How do I book a band with a difference?

The Morris Agency prides itself on providing a great mix of musical talent, and actively seeks out artists with an edge either in their repertoire or through their performance.

If this is what you are looking for then let us know as we have some wonderful bands that are a closely guarded secret!

What are the payment terms, and what are the booking terms of a band?

After the initial 20% deposit, the balance isn’t due until the performance and goes directly to the artist. This is all laid out within the booking terms on a contract

If we have a specific request for a type of act that isn’t on the website, could you provide them for us?

As we are always updating and adding artists to our website, we have a lot of bands that would fit what you need. We approve all the acts, so as long as they meet our standards then we are happy to offer them to you and get you all the relevent information.

How long does it take a band to set up?

Depending on the size of the act and how easy it is for the artist to load in the equipment, an average set up time would be between one and one and a half hours.

How do we pay the balance of a band?

Unless otherwise agreed, the band will require their payment after the performance either by cash or cheque. We specify this at the contract stage for you.

Can you provide us a DJ or music in between the sets?

As part of our negotiation process we include the band quote with CD/iPod music in between and up to 45 mins as standard and this therefore cuts out the need for a DJ, although many bands also provide a DJ option if you require it.

Alternatively, most bands are happy for you to play your own choice of music from CD/iPod through their system.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover all genres, and subject to availability and price, our acts can cover all locations UK and Europe.

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1920’s band hire

Monday, July 26th, 2010
1920's band hire

Book 1920's band from The Morris Agency

1920’s bands are really very popular, and at The Morris Agency we have some of the best and affodable bands in the UK on our site for our clients to hire right now. If you like the Charlston swing and foot tapping Gershwin tunes then just visit the main band section or call us on 0871 8901015 or email me

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