Lights, Camera, Action

By Amanda Cooper

Everyone loves a great band or a DJ that plays all the latest hits. Music really makes any event or party come alive!   But some bands or DJ’s raise their performances up a notch and really get the guests up and moving out of their seats. Some bring in an assortment of lights to add that special touch to the venue. While others use a variety of props, such as funny hats, leis, and sunglasses as a fun way to get the crowd excited! Some bands or DJ’s even have their own videographer to tape the event live and display the footage on a huge screen behind the band or DJ, which adds music video vibe to the party. Let’s take a look at how bands and DJ’s incorporate items other than music to make their performances stand out from the rest.

DJ’s can add a complete light show to their events and performances to truly make for a one-of-a kind event! From disco balls, LED colour light shows, laser light shows, and projection lights all of which add that extra special touch of ambiance to every event. Lighting features can make effects such as rippling water appear on the dance floor. Gobo projectors give the feel as if you were at a dance club, with they way they can make the coloured lights stream up and down in the venue. If those types of lighting options are over the top for you, why not just add a few spotlights throughout your venue. Put a focus on the cake, or on the head table, or at each centrepiece placed on guests’ table. Try adding a subtle yet elegant projection of a monogram or message that can appear on your dance floor for that added personalized touch.

Props really make it a party! Many bands and DJ’s really enjoy their performances much more when the crowd is right there with them. To get them interacting and having a great time, many bands and DJs like use fun and exciting props for guests. Some props which are used include: feathered boas, sombreros, sparkly wigs, neon bracelets and necklaces, sunglasses, cowboy hats, and maracas just to name a few. When these props are paired up with the right song, guests feel as though they are part of the band and really get into the music! Not only that, but they make for great photo opportunities! Can you imagine your guests fully decked out in 70’s props as they dance to KC and the Sunshine Bands hits from back in the day? Not only will you have found memories of the event, but adding props makes the event come alive!

Recently those that are providing music entertainment for events are using their own camera crew to tape guests during the event and showing that footage throughout the event on a large screen set-up in the venue. Some even have a live feed so everyone can see that Uncle Bill is doing his world-famous YMCA dance moves! This adds that unique touch to any event!

As you can see, it isn’t just music that your bands or DJ’s can bring to your event to make their performances really stand out.

Amanda J. Peters is a writer for Wedding Favours Kingdom. Wedding Favours Kingdom offers also personalised favours, wedding guest book as well as favors for other special occasions.

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