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Rock and Roll Band Hire Kent

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Its the same old rockabilly story… You want to have a shabby Chic and vintage Wedding in Kent and you come up with a great idea..

“Lets Hire A Rock and Roll band”

You look around for days and all you can find is a lovely Elvis tribute ( when he was in his over-sized jump suit era) playing to backing tracks.

What to do….

This is when we started on the scout for some great.. not just good, but great and affordable acts for rock and roll, rockabilly and all that vintage era you so desperately want for your event that is in South East and still affordable.

What did we find? Only Exactly that….

kent rockabilly band hire

Hire a rock and roll band in Kent

They are a dynamic Rock and Roll trio and come totally recommended for that vintage band you were having trouble finding.
They play a mixture of original material and covers in their unique style; a fusion of blues, rockabilly and jazz.
Performing a heart stopping set throughout South East of UK, the band are well equipped to perform for UK Weddings, Corporate events and festivals alike.


Contact us for more information or visit the Rock and Roll Kent Page

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