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The problem is that with so many weddings going on in just 30
days, it takes a little bit of imagination to come up with
little things that will help you stand out from the crowd. How
about trying some “nontraditional” wedding food to wow guest’s
palates? Titanium or tungsten rings instead of traditional
wedding rings? How about a rock band instead of a DJ? It’s the
little things that will make your wedding stand out.

When it comes to a wedding, every single one of them has one
thing in common (besides an uncle who drinks too much): rings.
Traditional wedding rings usually involve a gold, silver or
platinum band, with some sort of precious jewel adorning it.
Instead of sticking with tradition, how about changing it up a
bit by trying titanium or tungsten jewelry?

You’d be surprised how elegant (and unbreakable) both metals are
and there are many top-notch companies offering wedding bands
made of both metals. Once you see them, you will agree that tungst
en rings
are perfect to wear forever. And while you’re at
it, most companies also make necklaces, bracelets and cuff-links
in alternative metals.

Another thing to think about is what kind of food you’re going
to serve. Traditionally the bride and groom can choose between
beef, chicken or fish. Sometimes a vegetarian option like
lasagna is added in there. Why not try something different like
pizza, pasta, bar-b-que, or even something more exotic like
Japanese, Indian or Chinese food? It may not be for everyone’s
palate, but with ethnic restaurants bringing in big business
what’s holding you back from offering something different for
your guests then chicken in some kind of cream sauce? They will
probably appreciate that.

And how about the music? I went to a wedding recently and
instead of a DJ they had the groom’s brother’s rock band playing
classic rock (Beatles, Stones, etc.) tunes. I have to say that
it really worked, and it was honestly pretty refreshing. Not
only was the band spot on, but it brought a freer attitude to
the reception (they served pizza too which fit wonderfully into
the atmosphere). Sometimes you just need a break from the
typical Top 40 stuff and just dance to something live.

These are just a few things to think about when planning your
ceremony. Remember: if you really want to stand out from the
crowd then you have to think outside the box. Your guests will
thank you for the change of pace.

About the author:
Kim Green picked a tungst
en ring
for the big day and has never regretted it! A long
lasting piece of fine jewelry to be treasured forever!

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