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Many a best man has been roundly defeated by a wedding speech gone awry in front of friends and family (and worse: their date). With wedding speeches being a central part of the wedding reception, it’s not a bad idea to plan how to roast and toast the groom.

You will not find a cookie-cutter, fill-in-the-blank speech here. believes that a good speech needs to be original. Those kind of wedding speeches are Boring (with a capital B), are never funny and don’t reflect that the best man gave a damn about the most important speech of for his brother or best friend. Another important point is that it takes practice to incorporate best man jokes into a speech – you can’t just drop them in a be comfortable doing so. That certainly will not help you if your goal is to get through the speech as quickly as possible. The worst part is that the audience will know that you didn’t write your bad jokes. With that in mind, this survival guide will: (1) give you the tools you need to write and present a good speech, (2) cover some do’s and don’ts, and (3) provide all-important instructions on how to fight a case of nerves.

Aim to have a speech that is at maximum two to five minutes in length. This may seem like a long time, but it goes by very quickly, especially if you have followed’s advice and prepared the speech in a couple weeks in advance. In fact, you are going to have to force yourself to slow down! That’s the good news.

Prepared Text or Bullet Points but not Off-the-Cuff
It’s safest to follow a prepared text or bullet points rather than deliver something off-the-cuff. Preparing the text will keep you on message and allows you to write something that is meaningful.

If you foresee getting nervous, the easiest thing to do is to read from a prepared text. This technique will certainly keep you on message, and is a good idea for those who are terrified of public speaking. As you’re reading the text, you will want to make eye contact with your audience every few words or sentences.



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