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Well, I suppose I’d better start my own blog section. I think it’s the team’s way of getting me to shut up and write it all down instead of moaning to them about it all.

Dizzy Gillespie Birthday today then (thanks Google for reminding me). Massive cheeks!

Dizzy Jazz

But not THIS massive, I mean, this is ridiculous! Imagine aliens coming down in 1000 years time and seeing that… -Blimey! they’d think. These humans must keep Pumpkins in their mouths.

Speaking of Pumpkins…. Halloween, that is happening soon too. I, for one, will be taking the English approach which is to pretend that I am out and not answer the door to the “trick or treat” brigade. Something is wrong there, why do I do that?  They are only kids, I am not scared to tell the local God-botherers to go away, so why do I switch the lights off and not move all the while they are out there? Strange. Might have something to do with the huge dads that accompany them. Picture the scene..

“No I am sorry little Johnny, I don’t think that offering to put eggs and flour in my letterbox is going to sway me into giving you cash or sweets. In fact, while we are at it, that Buzz Lightyear costume has nothing to do with the occasion”  (step forward the dad who has been standing in the darkness with a threatening look)

I DO have a problem with it, because,

a: It is American

b: It is begging, but with menaces

c: It is all a bit contradictory to say “Don’t talk to strangers, don’t accept sweets from strangers…oh unless we go with you and you dress up for them!”

Yet again, we are sucked in by marketing. Tesco-they do rather well, they sell you the costumes, buckets (yes big old buckets) and will also sell you all the sweets too! They must be laughing their heads off. (But not in a Halloween type way)