Who are the people behind the company?

Name: Daniel Morris
Likes: Cheese and Coffee
Dislikes: Waste and celery (ugh)
Job description: Director

What do you do all day?

Being in charge I still don’t get much chance to sit in a big chair bossing everyone about! I do still like to be involved in meetings, with answering the phone and talking to the artists.
We have lots of different types of clients from to wedding clients to Restaurant chains,
and I will always be involved at some point in the process (even if I am just being nosy)

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m married with two young children, and live and work on the East Kent coast.
I was a painfully shy kid, and I only really came out of my shell when I started working at an electrical store as a 16 year old Saturday boy.
To be honest, after scraping through art college I had a string of jobs that really made me realise that I didn’t like working for other peoples’ organisations.
When I look back on it, I always had business ideas that never really took off, but this was just preparation for things to come I suppose.
Then 6 years ago I set out to provide a live music booking service that actually delivered, remained consistent in both quality and service, and above all was approachable and easy to use.
I started out with one band (who is still with us today) and me, in my garage, now we are up to about 300 on the last count and growing all the time.
Not everyone makes it though, we are pretty tough about that and they have to be as committed as us and remain consistent.
I have never set out to be the largest agency, because I don’t think that big is always best, unless you can keep the same values.
If we can grow and keep the same core values then I am happy.
I enjoy finding new artists and we get very excited when we find an act that is unusual. I still work on the basis that
if I would book them then they are worth  representing, and it is great to be able to provide something our clients love,
 at the same time providing work for the band.

Biggest Asset:

From client agents, accounts and Web design, I have some truly great people behind me and they bring so much more experience to the business than I could ever manage on my own.
We have a lot of fun doing what we do and when it stops being fun and there is nothing more to learn, I think I will be very old!


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