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Welcome to the band hire Shropshire area page. We are specialists in the area for bands based in Shropshire and the surrounding area. We supply many styles of musicians for Shropshire based events using our local bands for lots of weddings and parties and also many corporate events and festivals.

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BRIEF: To deliver an excellent Vintage swing band in Shropshire for a wedding

We were kindly instructed by the client to supply a Vintage swing band for them for their upcoming Shropshire wedding. After perusing our website they established that they were going to get 5 price quotes from groups. They specified these acts primarily based on the local fee rates on the website, on their impressive video demos and also on the song lists that were included. The agency then went back to the performers for quotes and availability. After the agency came back they chose they were going to go with a specific band as they could also use their PA for music in between the sets too. The agency then arranged the band and produced a contract for the client to sign digitally. After paying the deposit and also getting a copy of the contract, the band and the client were put in touch and talked to each other about any other questions they had.
On the day of the function the band arrived as stated and after some setting up and a little patiently waiting around the band did their 2 hour sets. They played the right music at the right time and kept all the guests on their feet. They also managed to perform the clients first dance too. The band played some encores and packed up whilst the cd music played on into the small hours.

How to hire a local band: Hiring a Local band is easy through our website. If you are searching for a local wedding band and you want to find out how much it costs and who is available, all you need to do is search our acts or just ask our trained advisers and they can do the work for you. We want to make band hire affordable for you. Other questions we are asked are: How much does a local band cost, where can I find affordable local live bands. All of which we can help with. [sharethis]
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