Killa Solo Beatbox

  • Band: Killa Solo Beatbox
  • Genre: Soloists & Duos
  • Band size: solo

About Killa Solo Beatbox:

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Looking for a solo beatboxer for events? Killa is who you need!

Outside of solo Beatboxing and live hosting, Killa provides a DJ, combining beatboxing and mixing within a 60 minute DJ set – playing both upfront party Hip Hop, n Bass Music with Beatboxing segments.


Beatboxer for festivals

Killa on the Radio

Killa on stage

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Killa Solo Beatbox Band?
With may years of performance experience at Weddings, wedding receptions, festivals, launch events, funerals, ceremonies, anniversaries, parties, and many other special occasions. Killa Solo Beatbox are an ideal act if you are looking for an affordable live band. Like all of our artists they are professional, have all the relevant insurances and are always happy to chat to you about song requests and even DJ options after the performance. Many acts can provide background music throughout a dinner or lunch as well as provide the evening up beat entertainment too.

Where can we book Killa Solo Beatbox?
Killa Solo Beatbox can be booked throughout the UK in most towns and counties within reason. Please contact us via the booking form below for further information.

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