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Monday, September 14th, 2015


We have been seeking out acts that are most like the Scott Bradley Style music here in the UK and we think we have found some great Post Modern Jukebox alternatives.

The Post Modern Jukebox style musicians need to reflect that modern pop songs but using Jazz and Swing as a backdrop to their sound. Ideal for Weddings and Corporate events we have provided this kind of act to many events this year ( Including Google UK) The music is upbeat, cleverly arranged and excellently executed by these pros.

Here is a selection of our best and most popular so far!


First up is the Vintage Swing Lads:

post modern jukebox band alternatives


Having an amazing year, performing at concerts , weddings and events all over the UK.

See their video and demos here:


Next is Vintage Pop Swing Jukebox

As the name suggests they are a fabulous vintage swign band that perform a great selection of pop within the swing sound.

One to watch


Take a trip to Oxford Street 


These guys are just an amazing act with such a lot of experience in the industry, and their experience is almost as long as their set list.

Their demo just says it all!

Watch them here 


20s style band with pop leanings!  SPIFFING 20s SWINGERS

SPIFFING 20s SWINGERS take the 20s sound and perform songs from artist such as MotorHead !

Have a listen 

We are adding more acts like this all the time and if you need more information or want us to compile all the acts for you to see who is available and how much they would cost to hire then please send us an email


List of links to Post Modern Jukebox acts in this post :

Vintage Swing Lads





For more bands visit our vintage band hire area

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Friday, March 7th, 2014


Looking for the ultimate urban band to hire?

Hire an urban beatboxing collective to perform for your wedding or event.

The band say:

“We cover songs from blurred lines, Happy (pharrell), 2-1-2 (Azealia Banks), Bonkers, Too Close (alex Claire), Need A Dollar (aloe Black), Feeling Good (marvin Gaye), Master blaster (Stevie Wonder)  to name some of them’

What is Beat Boxing? Beat boxing means that they create all of their music using nothing but their mouths, no instruments, no effects, no backing Cd’s.

The band are currently making a name for themselves around the UK and in Europe, and are truly a different and exciting act which is ideal for University Events, wedding, functions and also the corporate world.

The band go on to say: ‘We also do all sorts of drum and bass and dance tracks in the form of beat-boxing which get the audience dancing like there is no tomorrow’


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Hire Marryoke for your Wedding

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Want to book this new wedding sensation? We can help.

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Live at No 6 – Get Ape Duo

Sunday, December 6th, 2009
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Watch as our Party band UK performs for Corporate party

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Party band UK performs for Corporate

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london band hire

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

We have loads of great acts to hire from a soloist all the way to large orchestras

Just visit our main site

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hullabaloo band hire agent

Sunday, September 20th, 2009
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The Ultimate Drum Solo

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

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Essential reading for any amateur drummer Ever wondered
why some drummers kits sound amazing and others sound terrible?
Want to make your drum kit sound sweet on the live stage? What
follows is what i think are just a few of the things you need to
do to have a glitch free gig with a great drum sound that blends
in with the rest of the band.

Drum Matt – The first thing you need to remember when
packing the van and heading to the gig is a drum matt, something
to put the drum kit on to stop the kick drum sliding across the
slick wooden floor of the stage. This can be a piece of old
carpet or a professional one from any of the big hardware
suppliers, the later will cost more than the old carpet you
might find in the cellar and so I recommend you save your money
for more important items and use some old carpet.

Well Tuned Skins – Buying new skins for your kit on a
regular basis is important part of having a quality sounding
kit. I would recommend re-skinning your kit before every
recording session or every 3-4 months (depending on how often
you play/can afford). Buying the correct skins is also very
important. Don’t just buy the cheapest in the shop, do some
research in to the different types of skins and how they sound.
Think about who your influences are and see what skins they are
using try and pick a model that suits the style/sound of your

The tuning aspect of the kit is as important as the choice of
skins. There are plenty of articles online explaining how to
tune a drum kit so I’m not going to go over it hear. Just
remember if you want your drums to sound big and slappy or high
and ringy on record and through the PA the engineer cant do that
from the mixing desk, you must make them sound like that. If the
kit sounds the way you want it to before its mic’d up it will
sound amazing when its going though the PA.

Cymbals – For me cymbals cause the biggest problems when
mixing a band in a small venue. In a standard rock band drums
are the only thing that cant be turned up/down, therefore the
volume of the other instruments must me mixed around the volume
of the drums. The issue i have is that allot of cymbals are
played so loud that it becomes impossible to mix the rest of the
band around them without puncturing everyones eardrums or worse
blowing the PA! This means that most engineers have to mix the
band with the cymbals much louder than anything else.

If your not sure wether your cymbals are coming across too loud
and masking everything at your gigs try asking the engineer or
an experienced friend (who isn’t going to lie and tell you
everything sounded great) if they think you play your cymbals
too loud and they covered the sound of the rest of the band. Now
i cant simply tell you to play quieter, non of my articles will
will ever tell you to change the way you play. There are a few
things i think you can do to take the volume of the cymbals down
to a reasonable level for a small venue.

1 – Try and avoid the big expensive Zildjian, yes all the big
bands use them and they do sound great on a recording but Im
talking about when your playing in the upstairs room of a small
bar to thirty people. Buy some Sabian Pro Sonix or Paiste, they
still sound good and wont completely take over the sound of the
entire band.

2 – If you still find that the cymbals are too loud try using
some hotrods. They do change the sound of the kit slightly (and
other drummers may think its uncool) but they also lower the
volume of the drums and cymbals making the experience for anyone
in that small venue much more enjoyable (and more likely to
stick around and watch).

Finally – There are plenty of other tips Ill be writing
about in these hubs in the future as i think of them and as they
crop up at gigs. I do lots of live href=””>PA & Engineering work so
whenever I see a good idea on the stage ill pass it on to you
guys hear to please subscribe to my feed.

If you have any other ideas of thoughts on what ive said Id like
to hear them as i havn’t put these ideas to many drummers so
would like to hear what you think.

About the author:
Daniel Williams works in the live sound industry and frequently
works in small venues with local amateur bands who struggle with
there sound in the small venue.

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Live Band Video UK

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The internet has become the most important invention of the
modern era! You would think it’s the automobile, television,
ultrasound or even the space shuttle. No, it’s the internet!
More people surf the internet in more countries then actually
own automobiles. It used to be that the popular discussion was
how may televisions the average family owned but now its how
many computers. It’s no wonder that a large portion of the job
sector has gone to the internet over the last fifteen years and
it’s no wonder that every person on the planet has secrete
dreams of becoming the next big thing on the internet.

Countless people have been able to develop loyal fan followings
on social networking sites like you tube like a certain obsessed
Brittany Spears fan! He was able to obtain is several minutes of
fame and even secured a reality series on cable television. The
new lead singer of Journey was observed by the band on MySpace
and was immediately thrust into the spotlight as the group’s new
lead singer. In the era of unedited news that gets delivered at
record setting pace it’s no wonder that everywhere you look
you’ll find someone willing to step into the shining light of

So you want to be that person? MySpace is played out and you
don’t feel like learning “The flight of the wounded bumble bee”
on guitar to show the Youtube world that you are the next Nuno
Bettencourt? Instead of going the route of “over played police
chase” save yourself a few years of prison time and figure out
how to maximize live event video streaming. This is the wave of
the future. As “reality” gets put back into the hands of real
people and artists take control of their creative outlets from
the historically narrow-minded and greedy promoters you’re going
to find that live event video
will become the must have medium on the internet.

Rock bands have already begun to use closed circuit broadcasting
to share their live concerts to people around the world and the
NFL has successfully broadcasted their games via live stream to
theaters in several cities. The wave of the future is already
here and it’s time for you to figure out how to use it to find
your place in internet history!

It won’t be long before you turn on your computer and see banner
ads for live concerts, television and historical events that
will be broadcast in high definition right to your computer.
It’s up to you to find the creative source to make your mark.
Once it becomes the must have item there is little chance you’ll
be able to ride the wave to the bank and then you’ll be left
looking for the next big thing.

About the author:
K. Green has media experience and has had the pleasure of
helping to set up live event
video streaming
for several musicians and bands

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Wedding and party film maker and videography

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Be it a wedding, anniversary, or a party, the beautiful and exciting moments are always short lived-it’s all over within a span of days, and all that is left are memories. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could capture those magical moments and keep going back to them from time to time? This exactly what a Videographer will do for you – capture in his camera those enchanting times so that you can relive them over and over again. If you are searching for a Videographer Kent, you should have a look at ACVideo has been playing an important role in videography and film production kent of various kinds. We have been helping people make their special days memorable for a lifetime and enjoy those special moments of life over and over. As you plan the most memorable day of your life, remember that the VideographerKent is just a phone call or email away. Whether your requirement is for a major Wedding Films production kent, we will always apply the same amount of professionalism; working up to a high standard, befitting our reputation in the industry. Our aim is to help you, our corporate client, to communicate more effectively, more impressively. We produce much more than just a corporate DVD, graphic sales presentation, training video or a few high quality web pages for your company. We organize for you the information essential as part of the marketing tools and business intelligence you will need to make your next production as outstanding as possible. The staff at AC Video specializes in high quality, results that exceed our clients’ expectations. The result is a corporate video production process that is just as rewarding as the results. Along with our shooting facilities, we also provide a wide range of post-production services which include non-linear computer editing, tape duplication, mpeg encoding, DVD authoring, film transfer facilities, graphics and artwork – providing a complete ‘script to screen’ service that is handy and unique for the client. Computer editing using Canopus HD software, standards conversion, DVD duplication, and film transfer facilities provide a complete “script to screen” services like: * Production Shooting * Post-production Services * Standards Conversion * Film to DVD Transfer
Working together, we help you discover powerful and innovative ways to communicate to your audience, making them feel your presence so that they remember to give you a call whenever they feel like capturing their precious moments for eternity. We hold our clients in high esteem, therefore provide sales lead-driven online business development strategies. Videography can do more than just capture the day; the video camera will keep intact the story of the special day or event that you will treasure for years to come. AC Video’s can also produce videos for corporate clients, home and business inventories, music videos for bands or a simple photomontage, all in one grand and stylish production. The possibilities are endless. After professional video editing, the resulting narrative can be transferred to videotape or DVD to ensure that the events of the day are not lost in time. For more information about corporate video production, videographer, videographer kent,film production kent, logon to:

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