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Corporate Events, Party Hairstyles and Prepping for the 100 Club By Kai Hoffman

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Wow what a week!  I’m just in the midst of preparation for my next gig
with Kai’s Cats at Ronnie Scott’s this Thursday, and for my next
performance with the Ray Gelato Giants at the 100 Club on Saturday…
and, after tomorrow night, will have sung 11 different performances in
6 days, worn, oooh something approaching 10 different dresses from
Vivien of Holloway, done a photoshoot for an upcoming project with
Ray, and… that’s before I even get to Thursday. Goodness. What a
week!! When does a girl find time to get her hair done? Hmmm….  After
much searching, I am sooo grateful to have found the best vintage
hairdresser in the world – as I’ve found with the dress-styles of the
40s and 50s, the hairstyles are also so incredibly feminine and
gorgeous… and Nina’s Hair Parlour in Alfie’s Antique Market
(Marylebone) does it all.  But… sadly no time for that this week!

As with all of my performances, both for private events – like
parties, weddings, corporate dinners, etc. – and for my public gigs, I
always, always like to be well-prepared. And well turned-out, of
course! But back to the music.. I always love to hear what the client
wants in advance – mellow background jazz, Frank Sinatra tunes,
up-tempo, swingin’ retro dance numbers,  the Beatles, Louis Prima, Cab
Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Carole King, Marvin Gaye, the Mamas and the
Papas, Nina Simone…or a combination of all of them… ! As a musician,
it’s great to fun to be flexible – and it’s so much more fun when you
know you’re singing exactly what the client wants! I also love to
learn new songs – it’s all part of the job.

Anyway… better get back to my Keely Smith and Louis Prima tunes for
the 100 Club… ”



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