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Sunday, December 4th, 2016



Wedding 1971

Wedding 1971 style

So, you are getting married and the one thing your loving bride to be has asked you to do is to book the entertainment for the big day.


You proposed a year ago so there is plenty of time right?

The bells of Big Ben sound on New Years Eve and as well as the post NYE celebration hang over you are suddenly brought to a sobering though…..

“I get married this year and I haven’t even started looking for a band”¬† It’s a pretty familiar situation we hear this time of the year.

Why should I worry?

It’s not great news on that front guys I am afraid. If, like me, you leave everything to the last minute, you might find that the short listed bands you looked at with your partner last year are long gone. Especially if your date is in the wedding season ( now running from May to September ) you might have a problem.

Why shouldn’t I worry?

Well, that’s what we are here for. We can assist you in getting to the acts that you need, at the price you want¬† (hopefully under budget if we can!)

We have access to loads of artists for you top listen to and if you can’t find what you are looking for then you can always call us and we can go on a search.

Why go with you?

Good question. Like all things, the DIY approach is always cheaper. We often lead a busy life and the research, emails, the replies from bands telling you they are ‘not available’ can take a lot of time.

Look at us as your band concierge. We will go to the bands style of choice, get the fees and availability and deliver it all to you in one email with links to the bands. You make your choice

Bingo, happy other half!

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or email us and we can do the rest.

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