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Hit the Right Note at Your Next Event

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Adding music to any event really takes it to the next level! Music unites people. Music gets people up and moving. Music is the perfect accessory to every party! Think about it. When you attend most occasions, music is playing, right? At some celebrations, music is at the centre stage and is considered to be the main form of entertainment. If planning a future event, where does one even start with choosing what forms of music you want to have at your party? Here are a few tips on how easy it is to decide what type of mood you want to evoke by choosing the right music for your next event.

Are you planning your next class reunion? No better way to bring back all those wonderful memories of your school days then by playing music from that time. Why not have a live band play all the top hits of the year you graduate! You can even have a band that specializes in playing music from a certain decade. Once you hear those songs from way back when, not only will those memories come flooding back, but new connections will made at your next reunion as well!

Music plays an extremely important role in a wedding. It sets the mood for every part of the wedding day. From the ceremony to the wedding reception, having the right music is key. For example, having a string quartet play at the ceremony while everyone is waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle sets a peaceful and serene scene. Come cocktail time, liven up the atmosphere with a live jazz band to get people in the mood for the wedding reception. Finally, there are so many music choices for the reception and you could have party bands or a DJ playing whatever you would like. A wonderful way to keep the party going well after the wedding is by giving your guests a personalised CD of all the music that was played throughout your entire wedding day out as wedding favours.

New Year’s Eve
Throwing a New Year’s Eve party for your entire company? Make it a memorable event and a highly entertaining one at that! Try booking a swing band to get everyone up and dancing well into the New Year! Maybe having more of a party band would be ideal to get everyone interacting with one another! You could even throw a themed New Year’s event and choose music to compliment your theme. For example, a luau themed New Year’s Eve party would be complete once you hear the sound of the ukulele playing from the band. Or have a seventies themed New Year’s Eve party and have the Bee Gees, the Beatles, and Queen rock your party all night long.

As you can see, music has such an impact on any event. So it is essential to choose appropriately and keep your event in mind when selecting your genre of music

By Amanda Cooper

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