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Why should I hire a DJ for my wedding or Party?

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Back in the seventies, most DJs were part timers. They worked in various professions, then fuelled their passion for music in the evenings and at weekends. There was no time for preparation or meetings. It was a case of throw on the jeans and T shirt and head out of the door armed with the usual selection of singles. Lights flashed in your eyes, choking smoke, and music so loud it was distorted……those were the days!!!

Times have changed considerably, thank goodness. There are more full time professional mobile disco companies than ever before. As well as presentation, more emphasis has been placed on individualising the entertainment to suit the occasion and the guests attending. The whole ‘Mobile Disco’ experience has moved up a gear too with reputable companies providing contracts of engagement giving you peace of mind, carrying certificates of insurance and reassuring you that they comply with guidelines and laws and generally going the extra mile to make your evening truly special and memorable.

‘Specialists’ have emerged too, such as the ‘Wedding DJ’… unusual breed that have worked hard to finely tune their skills, to raise the standard of wedding entertainment and to change the perception of the humble DJ of the seventies. These clever little critters have come together to form the Wedding DJ Association.

The Wedding DJ Association was formed two years ago as a National organisation, bringing together wedding DJ specialists of the highest standard. Membership is strict, with each individual having to prove they have reached the required criteria. To maintain this standard, each DJ has to comply with a code of ethics and agree to abide by the constitution of the Association.

For many brides and grooms, booking a DJ is a fairly new experience. Booking the right DJ is paramount to ensure that the end of their special day is how they want it to be and fits in with how they’d imagined. With the Wedding DJ Association, Brides can now find a wedding DJ specialist in their area and be confident in the knowledge that they have found a supplier of the highest standard.

What can you expect from your DJ from The Wedding DJ Association?
Many members are happy to meet with you prior to booking. You need to have a good rapport with the person and be confident that they can create the atmosphere you want as they will be leading your evening entertainment, and be part of your day for 5 hours or more.
Discussions about how you want your evening to progress. From lighting and sound to including particular events such as a bouquet toss or types of music, WDJA members are committed to making your reception entertainment unique and personalised.
All agreements and payment will be in writing, signed and duplicated.
They will always be appropriately dressed for the occasion.
They will be in attendance at your venue in plenty of time, courteous to all your guests and attentive to your needs and requirements.
They will source the music you want, and present it in the way you request. For example, some people prefer a more sophisticated approach with minimal input from the DJ and less microphone work. Others opt for a personality DJ who is able to entertain and encourage a party atmosphere. WDJA members will discuss your options with you and ensure the evening is to your taste.
Backup! Whether it’s the DJ himself who blows a fuse or the equipment he uses, WDJA members ensure they have a backup plan for life’s unforeseen eventualities.

Other things to consider when deciding on your evening entertainment:
Music too loud can drive some guests home early. Don’t be afraid to ask your DJ to play music at a volume that is suitable to dance to, but also comfortable for those wanting to chat.
Not all discos provide mobile night clubs. If you have more senior guests attending, engage a DJ that lights only the dance floor and doesn’t flash disco effects in the faces of seated guests.
If you have children attending, many wedding DJs are happy to accommodate them with suitable dances and gambling games from

Every wedding is unique and finding the right DJ to match your needs and requirements will ensure your evening is just how you want it to be, personalised and memorable.

Sandy Sounds, The Wedding DJ Association (WDJA)

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