What is the most important thing on your wedding day?

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You could print out 2 copies of this and fill them in independently then discuss the results (try not to fall out at this stage or I might feel really responsible).
Rate the following from 10 (very important) to 1 (don’t give a damn)

____ Appearance – the bling, Flowers, Decorations, mood etc.

____ Clothes – what you and your guests wear, jeans and sandals to Top hat and tails.

____ Family & Friends.

____ Religion – the spiritual side of you wedding, church etc.

____ Food

____ Booze – Do you do a booze cruise or buy cases of Verve Cliqot.

____ Music – Disco or big band.

____ Convenience – for you or your guests.

____ Photography – You see I’ve put it at the bottom even though it will be all you have left to remember the day.

When you look back at your wedding what do you most want to remember?

____ Romance. – how romantic the day was.

____ Beautiful. – how beautiful it all was.

____ Exciting. – How much excitement you remember.

____ Smooth running – How easily and smoothly the day went.

____ Parents and family _ How happy they were.

____ Formal – How formal the day was.

Circle several words that you think will describe your wedding.

Romantic – religious – Casual – Classic – Classy – Loving – Posh – Glamorous – Relaxed – Formal – Themed – Budget – Luxurious

– Old fashioned – Sporty – Evening – Cute – Solemn – Traditional – Cheap.

List three other words that might describe your day.

_________ __________ __________

Budget – Even if you haven’t worked out your budget yet put some preliminary thoughts down now :-

How much might you spend.

Up to £1000.00

£1,000 to £5,000

£5,000 to £10,000

£10,000 to £20,000

£20,000 to £50,000

If you’re thinking of spending more than that you will probably be paying someone to sort it all out for you.

When are you thinking of getting married :- Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

On a special day, holiday, anniversary etc? __________

Have you thought about what the weather might be doing and where you would go if it’s wet, windy etc?

Have you thought of a theme for the day – What ______________

Have you though about a c9olour theme – List your choices._____________________

Now look at our wedding planner and start making some decisions.

Please let me know if there are things that matter to you but I have missed out, I can update this blog so that other Brides can benefit.

Article & photos by Mike Watts.


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