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    About The Forge Truck

    We at The Forge Truck are so excited to be launching our passion project. The Forge Truck is a globally inspired BBQ catering service co-founded by Michelin trained Chef Arran Smith, and Farah
    (BEng Aerospace Systems Engineering), who coordinates events, Public Relations and runs admin. Our aim is to provide high quality food that introduces people to flavours inspired by global cuisine.Having trained with classical French technique and developing a modernist British style, and more recently experiencing and learning South Asian home cooking, Chef Arran is able to incorporate various delicious flavours into the humble classic burger and we pride ourselves on being able to offer any type of food required from our brief, whether this be Canapes at a wedding, street food or sit down meals with a more elegant feel, which is all in Chef Arrans experience. Our brand ethos here at The Forge Truck is to remain aware of environmental, economic, and social situations. We have vowed to reduce our carbon footprint with the aim to becoming carbon neutral as soon as possible. All packaging will veer away from harmful single use plastics and more towards environmentally friendly alternatives which is why we only use compostable alternatives from companies such as Vegware. Every year we hope to be able to donate a certain portion of profits we make to social projects (this year we have chosen Digdeep as they are close to our hearts). This is important to us as we are more than aware that as a company, our success will always come from our customers and communities hence it is our duty to reinvest into them. We also strongly believe in our social duty as a company, which is why we have aligned ourselves with brands such as Life Water and Charitea. This is also why we will always keep prices affordable, our brand is not about making millions, simply making the world a better place.

    Arran Smith
    The Forge Truck
    07523 150 236

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