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kent mariachi

Watch Kent Mariachi Band

If you are looking to hire or  book a latin mariachi band for your party

We can supply this for you.

We have loads of Mariachi acts that have been on TV loads of times

Contact us for more info

0871 8901015






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  • Dean Stelloo

    How much is r they do u charge by the hour

  • Darren

    how much are the band for a half hour gig?

  • Bloater1

    What is cost of the band

  • rachael

    How much are they to hire for about a 30min gig??

  • Char_lotte_1

    How much are they to hire and do you get the doritoes band?

  • Connieboyce

    I want to hire them for my wedding reception 🙂 can you email me details for hire thankyou x

  • Alastairlunt

    Can you email the cost of the band to – 1 hour gig central London.


  • Hi, can you please email me the costs for an evening hire

  • Philhughes

    Can you please email me a price for a 1 hour gig in Poole, Dorset in May.

    Many thanks

  • Stephen O’Reilly

    I’m interested in booking a mariachi band for my girlfriends 30th around the beginning of June 2013. Could you send me some prices and availability please. My email is


  • Ajbarlow Ab

    Can you email me a cost for having the band at my wedding in Manchester in 2014.

  • Hotlipsmarshall

    how much for a 1 hour gig in swansea email me

  • Julia-waite

    Can you email costings and set details for the mariachi band for a 2014 wedding reception in the west midlands to

  • Susielou88

    I would like to hire the band for my boyfriends birthday could u please email me the cost to  thank you.

  • cataloguekid

    I would like to hire the Mariachi band for my wedding reception..can you email me info and prices please? many thanks

  • tommy

    i want to hire them for a birthday party can you email me details and prices for playing in south normanton derbyshire

  • Alexander Spencer

    How much would it cost to hire the band  for tomorrow night (apologies for the late notice)/ some time in the next week (until Fri 4th Jan)? Email to

  • Anonymous

    I’m interested in hiring the Mariachi Doritos for my wedding reception, could you please send me a quote to thanks.

  • Blackrainbow1986

    Please email details of hiring the band in the Cheshire area with prices for 30 minute & 60 minute sets to Thanks

  • Tavsday

    Hi can you give me costings for a short set on Feb 16th 2013 in Leicestershire to many thanks?

  • Hollie Stallworthy

    Hi, how much would it be to hire the mariachi doritos for my sisters birthday in Kent for 1 hour? Thank you, please e-mail back to thank you! 

  • Alanslater1984

    Please can you email me the details and costs on

    Planning a wedding for September 2014


  • Benjamincouriel

    Hi there,  please could you provide me with a quote for how much it would cost to get these guys for a 1 hour gig?  In Witney, Oxfordshire?

    Need this quote ASAP please

  • Jazminebernard

    Can you email with prices etc..



  • Jazminebernard
  • how much to hire the band 

  • how much for the band email to thx

  • Tanyalee2001

    We really want the band to play at our summer wedding. Can you please supply details to

  • Maura maguire

    can you email me a price for the mariachi band  to play a 45min – hour gig in dundalk, co louth, ireland on the 1st of february 2013. its for my husbands suprise 30th birthday party    … address is       thank you

  • Zipdebs

    how much would it cost to hire for our wedding on the 7th september 2013.
    in york please look forward to your reply.
    kind regards Deborah

  • Castagno17

    Hi could u email a quote for wedding reception hire to please

  • Rachel Lewis

    Can I ask for a quote for the evening of the 27th June at the Queen’s Hotel Leeds. Please email to

  • Ftwork123

    could you please email me prices and more info to:

  • Nearlymrandmrspitt

    Please email a price to do a wedding reception in Essex next year?

    Very excited at the prospect of having these guys at my wedding!!

    Thanks x

  • Laura

    How much are they to hire to come to a house in Bournemouth this week? For an hour. Thanks

  • Ashley Skorupa

    Hi just wondering prices for a wedding reception nxt February, could u please reply to

  • Guy Minshall

    Could you email prices to me please

  • Robin

    How much to hire the band, please?

  • Ruth Harrison

    Hi can you send a price list to for a party or wedding. Thanks

  • FB message me prices please!

  • claire knott

    Please can you email the price for an hour on a Saturday in December in Buckinghamshire to many thanks

  • Ciaran27

    Can u email me prices for a wedding reception in North Yorkshire in December please at thanks

  • Abs

    Hi there please can you get in touch with me for 1 hour party In Brighton 07581064365

  • natalie_brown

    HI, Im interested in the doritos band for my wedding on 2nd August in Reading Berkshire. Please can you email me details of costs for either 30min or 1 hour session please to

  • JohnDope

    i am interested in hiring them for a wedding reception, can you send some details to thanks

  • AlmostMrsMorris85

    Hi, Please email the price to hire these guys for a couple of hours in Bedfordshire in October to Thanks!

  • craig

    £750 per hour 🙂 I had them for my sons birthday. They where delightful :))))))))

  • craig

    I think they do 1 hour and a half for £1,050.00 also 🙂

  • curt

    hi could you please email me the details and prices to hire the mariachi doritos band. my email address is

  • joejordan

    hi could you please email me to cost of mariachi doritos loking to book for aug 2014 wedding thanks.

  • Jim

    Hello, Can you give a price to hire the band for a surprise birthday party on either the 15th or 16th June 2013 please?

  • dobatacn

    How much to hire the Doritos Mariachi Band? Afternoon gig only…

  • supe7fly

    Is there a price for a mariachi elvis set? 8- 11 or 12??

  • Helen Thomson

    Hi how much would it cost to hire the Mariachi Doritos for 1 hour in Blackpool area? We are big fans 🙂 Could you email me an estimate?

  • Kris_28

    Can you please email me a price list to

  • Karen

    I need a price for hire of the band for surprise 18th birthday for my daughter in January 2014

  • Toby wicks

    Hi I was wondering if you could email me se information on hiring the Dorito band for August Monday 12th please contact me on

  • andystew

    Hi, looking to book the band for a function sometime on next 6 months. Can you email me some details costs etc.

  • Daniel

    Hi I would like to hire the band for a friends party 1-2 hours. How much will it cost?

  • CraigieC

    Hi can you send me details / costs of hiring this. We are a student venue and will be looking for 1-2 hour set.

  • steve

    Hi could you email info to hire the band for 1 hour on the 20th July for a party please to cheers

  • Ed

    Can you let me know the prices for a house party in nottingham on 27th July

  • Interested Party

    Hit me back with a price for 30 min set in September please.

  • Sandra jones

    Hi please can you email me be with costing for hire of Mexican Doritos men for a evening slot near Manchester

  • Lew

    Can you email me details please I would love to hire

  • Kerry Anderson

    Can i get an email regarding prices please – thank you

  • Nicole Kopec

    Could I receive an email from you about pricesand time scales. Are they the actual Doritos band? Would want to book on the 5th of January 2014 as a surprise. Email address : Thank yoooou 🙂

  • lynne hutcheon

    how much would it be to hire them for a party per hour, venue in newbury berkshire. 50th birthday coming up!

  • toni

    hi im looking to hire the band as a surprise for my husband can you please email some information its for 29th october. thank you

  • Alison Fox Sbienati

    Would like to hire the Doritos Mariachi Band, can you send me the cost please. We are in South Wales. Many thanks Alison (The Glyn Complex)
    Alison Sbienati

  • kay clark

    I am interested in hiring for 1 hour for a surprise 50th birthday could you please email me the rate at

  • Sophia

    Hi please can u email me the pricelist and details

  • Andi Kenyon

    How much are they to hire for 30 to 45 mins for a wedding night do? please email me prices many thanks 🙂

  • Brian Lawrence

    How much for a mariachi band for pre reception drinks about 1 to 1half hours.
    Venue central London .

  • jaime

    Hy how much for two songs outside a flat in manchester

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