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When you are looking at hiring a band for your wedding you might be thinking that maybe don’t need to stretch the budget that much really. I mean, is it that important?
Well the answer to that is yes it is pretty important.
If you have ever been to a wedding before then do you honestly remember the wedding cake or the favours or the flowers? I imagine, not really.
The amount of times I do hear from people that they remember the music if it was good or bad!
I make a lot of bookings for the same bands due to seeing them at a wedding.
I would put it to you all that it is something that fills up such a large percentage of the day and evening, it is something that your evening guests experience as well as the day ones. On average this is from 3 to 4 hours and is what the day ends on.

So with the average cost of a wedding cake being £500 or more maybe there should be more consideration to a lasting memory and the cost of that?

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