Songs That Inspired Their Own Dance

By Amanda Cooper

You know what I’m talking about, those songs that became just so popular, that their very own dance evolved and got everyone up and moving on the dance floor. We don’t hear too many of those songs now, but here is glance back a few songs that really got people dancing!

Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus

Written by Don Von Tress, this country smash hit recorded by Billy Ray Cyrus back in 1992 became such a phenomenon! It was one of Billy Ray’s most popular songs ever and frequently credits that song for his rise of popularity within the music industry. Since music videos were watched more often in 1992, this song really got everyone up and moving! The video shows line dancers strutting their stuff and Achy Breaky Heart really gave that recognition to country line dancing. Soon after, more and more venues were offering line dancing nights for everyone to enjoy!

Cotton Eyed Joe by the Rednex

Popular all over the world in 1994 was this song by the Rednex – Cotton Eyed Joe! The Swedish group has a unique sound and combines techno with bluegrass country into a unique blend of music. Heard by music fans all of over the world, this catchy song really has a great beat and got people up and out of their chairs (and still does)! I have seen people line dance to this song, but I also have seen couples stompin’ their way through this song together.

Macarena by Los Del Rio

Although Macarena by Los del Rio was originally released in 1993, it really did not become popular until 1996. There have been many remixes and versions of this popular song mainly due to the fact that its original form was completely in the Spanish language. That language barrier however did not take away from the fact that Macarena has a strong Latin beat and dancers thrived on it! Played at weddings, proms, and at any large, festive event, Macarena caught on with people with all ages!

The Twist by Chubby Checker

Originally written and recorded first by Hank Ballard back in 1959, this soon-to-be smash hit was recreated by Ernest Evans (aka Chubby Checker). The Twist became all the craze in 1961 and actually quite by accident! Ernest Evans did not have a professional background in singing, but like to sing while he was on the job. Thanks to his boss knowing Dick Clark, Ernest got a chance of lifetime and never looked back. From releasing that number one hit, many more came to follow and because of that lucky break, Ernest lead a lifetime long career in the music industry. The Twist often heard at weddings and anniversaries is that perfect song where both grandparents and their grandkids can dance along side each other and twist the night away!

Amanda Cooper is freelance writer for Wedding Favours Kingdom and other popular wedding websites. Amanda enjoys sharing tips and recommendation to her readers about how to throw that special bridal shower to hosting your own book club. She looks for ways to save while planning events and passes those ideas down to her readers as well. Especially when it comes to planning a wedding, there are many ways to save on wedding favours and wedding accessories.

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